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Web Integration
The appearance and facilities that you provide on your web site will have a direct effect on your success. Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date web site can be a chore and a significant drain on your budget. Either you spend a significant sum on contractors, or your staff time-share their regular duties with web site maintenance. All this changes with Auria "e-commerce". We offer a complete solution that minimises workload and allows you a high degree of control over what is available to your customers - all at a price that competes very favourably with standard web design companies.
» Web account facilities
» Specific web catalogues
» Order status information
» Stock status information
» Search facilities (via keywords)
» Special pricing and promotions
» Live or Deferred Auria links
» Complete creative web design service
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Web account facilities
•  Allow or disallow customers from running a web account.
•  Customers can manage their account on-line and independently from you.
•  All credit control facilities offered under Auria apply to web accounts.
•  Customers can maintain their account record with you, saving staff time.
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Specific web catalogues
•  Unique special offers can be created that only apply to web sales.
•  Multi-currency web catalogues can be created.
•  All stock information that is recorded in Auria is available for publishing on the web.
•  Centrally maintain your entire e-commerce site without the need for out-of-house expertise.
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Order status information
•  Customers receive emails notifiying them of order acceptance.
•  Order progress information is available on the web in near real-time.
•  Back orders can be viewed and amended or cancelled.
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Stock status information
•  Customers see up-to-date stock information.
•  As orders are completed on the web, stock is assigned in real time if you have created a stock location for this purpose.
•  Availability of out of stock items is shown, with estimated delivery schedules.
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Search facilities (via keywords)
•  Automatically generated keywords can be used to search for stock.
•  All stock items can be retrieved using stock codes.
•  You are able to create custom defined search keywords in addition to ones that are system generated.
•  Links to pages where product are available are shown in search results, allowing customers to view associated product.
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Special pricing and promotions
•  Special web prices can be defined.
•  Multiple currencies are supported.
•  Mailshot codes can be used on the web to take advantage of special prices or promotions.
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Live or Deferred Auria links
•  Live links between Auria and your website ensures direct access to the database and that information is in real-time.
•  Deferred links can be used for an almost real-time link at less expense, using ISDN or broadband links and a special database that attracts no additional licensing costs.
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Complete creative web design service
•  Your current web site can be integrated with our e-commerce solution.
•  Customised display templates can be generated for your web catalogues.
•  We can provide advice on optimising your website to improve search engine hits.
•  We can take over the complete web site management should you require it.
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