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Time Recording
Most organisations have a requirement to track the time that their staff spend working on a wide range of activities. This requirement is generally met using paper based systems, or time recording packages that stand alone from the central business systems. Auria offers the option of a tried and tested time recording module that accurately tracks staff time against customer projects. From the time logs, it is possible to automatically generate time-based invoices for review and subsequent presentation to your customers.
» Record time spent in 'real time'
» Maintain accurate customer records
» Generate invoices from time logs
» Full categorisation and descriptive text against entries
» Uses the Auria ledgers and customer database
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Record time spent in 'real time'
•  Quickly and easily identify a customer and the project you are working on - all in a matter of seconds.
•  Handle interruptions quickly and then reactivate the original task that was being worked on.
•  Copy previous entries to reduce keying effort.
•  Entries are accurately time-stamped to reduce retrospective keying of entries.
•  Full descriptions can be entered against each task and these can be carried into the invoice that is automatically generated.
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Maintain accurate customer records
•  Each customer has their own set of work projects and you can attach multiple work types (both chargeable and non-chargeable) against each project.
•  Attach customer references to projects so that these can be included in time log reports or invoices.
•  Set time limits and budget activity against a project to ensure that overspend is controlled efficiently.
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Generate invoices from time logs
•  Time logs can be used to generate invoices, quickly and simply.
•  All invoices that are generated can be managed and checked using the standard sales processing system.
•  Chargeable and non-chargeable (concessionary) time can be included on invoices.
•  Fixed price projects can be created so that invoices are effectively 'called off' against a pre-determined sum.
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Categorise entries
•  Every entry in the time logs allows you to enter free-text describing the activity carried out.
•  Descriptions can be included on invoices making it clear for both you and your customers what you are charging for.
•  Once the logs have been invoiced, it is not possible to make subsequent changes to them.
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Accounts and customer integration
•  The customer records are shared with the Auria database. No re-entry of information is required.
•  Each work project and work type has an associated sales stock reference so that time log invoices can be automatically posted into the ledgers.
•  Time log entries are securely controlled, so that once invoiced, they cannot be changed.
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