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Stock Control
Managing your inventory is inevitably a balancing act between capital employed and response to product demand. Each parts list is version controlled and merging of revisions between parts lists and active builds is possible as updates take place. It is therefore vital to control this important element of your business. Using the right system simplifies the process, improves cash flow and ensures that customers receive product they demand in a timely fashion. Put simply, everyone wins.
» Single 'simple' stock items
» Dynamically assembled stock items
» Build items
» Long description 'free text' items
» Multiple locations
» Multiple suppliers
» Transaction histories with document drill-down
» Quick stock adjustments
» Full stock take facilities
» Stock image association
» Stock keyword association
» Stock assignment
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Single 'simple' stock items
•  Store, track, sell and buy standard inventory items.
•  Convert between stock units (eg each) and purchase units (eg packs of 12).
•  Create non-controlled items for items such as services where there is no stock level storage requirement.
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Dynamically assembled stock items
•  Record relationships between stock items.
•  Store items separately and pick and pack as single resale items.
•  Track stock levels based on component levels.
•  Assemble items 'just in time'.
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Build Items
•  Create groups of items that are assembled during a manufacturing process.
•  Control the build process.
•  Disassemble products if constituent parts are required.
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Long description 'free text' items
•  Provide more complete descriptions to provide customers with more product information.
•  Add extra information such as special order instructions for the purchasing manager.
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Multiple locations
•  Set primary, secondary and tertiary picking locations.
•  Create picking lists in location order.
•  Transfer stock between locations.
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Multiple suppliers
•  Track individual prices from a number of suppliers.
•  Record unique supplier references for each inventory item.
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Full transaction histories with drill-down
•  Quickly locate and view source documents that created a stock transaction.
•  Every sale, return, purchase, disposal or other transaction is recorded in a central location for future reference and audit.
•  View transactions by type (ie sale, return, adjustment).
•  Limit transaction views to date ranges.
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Quick stock adjustments
•  Rapidly update the stock count for an item.
•  Provide descriptions that explain the reasons for the adjustment.
•  Stock adjustments dynamically post into the ledgers to reflect changes in stock.
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Full stock take facilities
•  Perform complete and rolling stock takes.
•  Create reports that match the data entry forms to minimise stock take durations.
•  Automatically post stock adjustments directly into the ledgers.
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Stock Image Association
•  Create a single repository to store all of your product images.
•  Let your sales staff see an image of the product so that they can describe it clearly.
•  Record images that are linked to web catalogues in a single location.
•  Store a number of different images or images at different sizes or qualities.
•  Load images from a file, or acquire them directly from any TWAIN device.
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Stock keyword association
•  Auria will automatically generate search keywords based on descriptions, stock codes and stock types.
•  Create your own user assigned keywords that are more meaningful to your customers.
•  The same keywords that are recorded against stock items are available in the Auria application for product searches as well as on the web site if you have the e-commerce option.
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Stock Assignment
•  "Re-assign" stock from one order to another.
•  Quickly assign stock that has just been delivered.
•  View orders waiting for a particular item.
•  Whilst assigning stock to an order, quickly check other back ordered items.
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