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Arguably one of the most important elements of your business, sales processing must be handled efficiently and with care. AURIA Gold Standard Business Software provides a wide range of facilities that allow you to take care of the most important aspect of your business - your customers.
» Capturing Orders
» Product Information
» Back Orders
» Advance Orders
» Batch/Interactive document productions
» Telephone system integration
» Postcode software integration
» Credit card and payment processing
» Offers and promotions
» Customisable documentation and formats
» Complete ledger integration
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Capturing Orders
•  Multiple orders can be simultaneously processed. An operator can be keying a mailed order and quickly start a new order when your customers call.
•  The order taking and fulfilment process can be handled either by the sales person or batch processing of the fulfilment stage can take place.
•  Orders can be taken in multiple currencies and Auria automatically converts between currencies as necessary.
•  Multiple tax rates are supported, together with taxable and non-taxable price splits.
•  Manages the complete order capturing process. Provides the operator with easy order entry facilities whilst conversing with customers. Customer credit information is also easily to hand whilst keying orders.
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Product Information
•  Auria gives your sales personnel real-time product information.
•  If there is insufficient stock, you can find out when it is due, offer alternatives and re-order it using very simple operations.
•  Whilst choosing product, to ensure that your personnel have all the information necessary for selling, the following is available; product images, long sales orientated descriptions, customised pricing and stock levels.
•  Auria allows you to define product groupings so that items can be packaged or required accessories grouped together, thus streamlining the selling process and providing your customers with the correct combinations of product.
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Back Orders
•  Auria will improve your stock planning processes so that out of stock situations occur less frequently.
•  Stock shortages are easily tracked and addressed using a simple to use interface.
•  When assigning stock, it is possible to view the entire order and colour coding provides 'at a glance' information as to the status of individual items.
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Advance Orders
•  If your product release schedule forward announces availability of items, Auria can take orders for the new product and ship them when the release date is reached.
•  Customer may want delivery as a gift by a certain date. Auria will hold stock until your pre-determined shipping date.
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Batch/Interactive document productions
•  Auria documentation layouts are customisable and different forms can be used for varying categories of customer.
•  The sales personnel can process the entire order interactively, or alternatively you may implement a batch processing fulfilment process. Auria lets you choose the most efficient way.
•  Pro-forma invoicing is supported for situations where you are trading with a new customer with no history.
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Telephone system integration
•  Want to know who is calling before you pick up the phone? Auria lets you see who is calling and can tell you about the caller before you answer.
•  A rapid, prompt-based, order processing form is available and this can be linked to your telephone system.
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Postcode software integration
•  Auria supports Postcode Software Integration for accurate address capture.
•  Improve accuracy of the addresses maintained within Auria.
•  Decrease address capture times.

Experience fewer inconsistencies in the format of your addresses.

•  Integrates with third party post-coding software allowing you freedom to chose the most appropriate service provider.
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Credit card and payment processing
•  Auria can process your credit card transactions automatically, reducing keying error and saving staff time.

Auria supports the part-payment by credit card for partially shipped orders so customers only pay for what they receive.

•  Card or cheque refunds can be processed and chargebacks recorded.
•  Multiple payment types can be used against a sales order; card, cheque, postal order, vouchers or account terms can be offered. Credit notes can be issued and assigned to sales orders as part or full payment.
•  Multiple merchants can be configured and collection can be made in any number of currencies.
•  Deposits can be taken on account. Over and under payments are also retained on account so your customer accounts are always accurately maintained.
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Offers and promotions
•  Promotional product can be specified against mailshot codes or as one-off offers for new customers.
•  Auria allows you to specify free or chargeable items that should automatically be added to sales orders depending on sales date and customer classification; handy for automatically shipping the correct catalogue to each customer.
•  Complete customisation of pricing is available with your sales promotions, either via specialised catalogues or marketing codes.
•  Flexible credit control rules can be created to ensure non-payment is maintained at a minimum.
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Customisable documentation and formats
•  You can tailor your invoices, sales order confirmations, despatch notes to your exact requirements so that they follow your corporate standards.
•  Documentation can be faxed, printed and emailed. Emailing can be in HTML, PDF or a number of additional formats such as Excel, Rich Text Format or Plain Text. You have the ultimate flexibility to interact with your customers in the way that they want.
•  It is possible to define your own report classifications, register these with Auria and include them in the despatch document production. Therefore, test sheets, specification sheets and similar documentation can be sent along with the product.
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Complete ledger integration
•  Auria provides you with a set of rules that determine precisely how sales and returns are recorded in your sales ledger.
•  Stock costs, tax and banking information are updated according to pre-defined rules and this all happens in real time.
•  Drill-down from source documents into the sales ledger is possible at the click of a mouse so your FD can easily check and track sales activity.
•  Flexible credit control rules can be created to ensure non-payment is maintained at a minimum.
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