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Running an efficient purchase ledger is vital to any organisation. Auria makes tracking orders, receiving goods, checking condition of goods received and management of supplier invoices a straightforward task. Each purchase processing stage is carefully managed to ensure minimum re-keying of information whilst providing maximum control over your purchases.
» "Re-order lists"
» Purchase orders
» Goods Received Notes
» Quality Check/Goods Inwards Checks
» Purchase invoices
» Supplier Returns
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Recorder Lists
•  Quickly and easily create purchase orders just in time.
•  Check sales figures and stock requirements whilst processing your purchase orders.
•  Create a complete purchase order in a matter of seconds.
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Purchase Orders
•  Create purchase orders for a supplier based on minimum stock and reorder levels.
•  Set expected delivery dates for an entire order or for each item on a purchase order. This information is available on the web and to sales staff.
•  Append special notes to provide suppliers with more information as to your requirements.
•  Ask your suppliers to deliver direct to customers.
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Goods Recieved Notes
•  Track receipt of goods against orders so you know what is still awaiting delivery.
•  If your supplier ships your order using more than one delivery you can record multiple receipts against a purchase order.
•  Track and authorise over and under deliveries. If your supplier is short on stock, you can authorise the under delivery and complete the order. You can also allow over deliveries.
•  Return damaged stock to suppliers.
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Quality Check / Goods Inwards Checks
•  Track non-conforming stock, before it is sent to the warehouse.
•  By checking condition of goods on arrival, you can reduce customer complaints.
•  Easily track the delivery record of suppliers.
•  Optionally post un-invoiced stock journal into ledgers. This can also be used to track consignment stock.
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Purchase Invoices
•  Build purchase invoice from received stock.
•  Check deliveries against invoices.
•  Post directly into the ledgers, in real-time.
•  Purchase invoices are fully multi-currency.
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Supplier Returns
•  Track the return non-conforming stock to suppliers to provide feedback and improve relationships.
•  Automatically update source purchase order so that sales and purchasing staff are up-to-date with outstanding stock information.
•  Optionally update un-invoiced stock figures in ledgers. Can also be used to track the return of consignment stock.
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