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Product Builds
Auria Manufacturing provides heirarchical parts lists allowing multi-level component creation. Each parts list is version controlled and merging of revisions between parts lists and active builds is possible as updates take place. It is possible to create standard product parts lists and custom parts lists so that as orders are taken for standard or custom product builds, the system can create the necessary elements to automate production.
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Parts Lists
•  Multi-level product build creation.
•  Version control on each element of the parts list heirarchy with reconciliation with product builds. Restore old versions of parts lists where necessary.
•  Create parts list groups, allowing you to display an entire component group on a single parts list.
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Stock Build Management
•  Build stock items from parts lists. Complete management via additions to the purchase processing module.
•  Automatically display how many items can be built, depending on composite stock items or parts list groups.
•  Update builds to match current version of parts lists. Reporting available to show differences between build and current version of parts list.
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Time Sheets
•  Record labour against each element of the parts list.
•  Record actual working time against builds.
•  Record time and, optionally, attach costs to sales orders for product.
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Revision Control
•  Complete revision history of changes made to parts lists available to operators.
•  Options to revert to older revisions and the removal of non-required revisions.

Operators have the ability to compare build list versions with all the relevant additions, modifications and deletions.

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