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Given that a significant amount of time and staff resource can be dedicated to marketing, it makes sense that your chosen system allows you to monitor responses to your marketing efforts. Auria allows you to create mailshot codes and track these against sales and purchases for the purpose of analysing this important area of your business. Once the marketing campaigns have been created, much of the tracking is carried out transparently to the end-user.
» Marketing programme definition
» Specially priced products
» Marketing codes are E-commerce enabled
» Analysis Codes
» Mailing List Selection
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Marketing Programme Definition
•  Marketing codes can be created to uniquely identify individual marketing programmes.
•  Against a marketing code, price banding and special offers can be created.
•  Record marketing codes against sales and purchases so that expenditure and revenue can be analysed.
•  Control the behaviour of the sales order processing module depending on options set against the marketing code.
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Specially priced products
•  Override system defined price bands with special prices against the marketing code.
•  Create special offer products that are either free, or sold at a
reduced price.
•  Support for multi-currency price definitions against each marketing code.
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Marketing codes are E-commerce enabled
Web based orders are clearly identifiable in Auria and the analysis tools treat them as another sales channel.
•  If a user has a promotion code, it can be used on the web site.
•  Any marketing codes that are quoted on the web site are tracked in the resulting sales orders.
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Analysis Codes
Auria supports segmentation of your customer database, enabling you to target marketing activity to specific customer groups.

Segment the customer database into classes, types, sales channels, purchase preferences, purchase frequency, marketing codes, order sources and profile codes.


Auria provides dynamic analysis of marketing campaigns to quantify targeting success.

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Mailing List Selection
Mailing List selections dynamically linked to customer information in Auria database for consistent up-to-date listings.
•  List selections dynamically linked to marketing codes for enhanced data base analysis
•  Customer groups can be generated to remain static if required
•  Auria’s in-built report writer provides the ability to produce letters, mailings, labels or any other printed material based on lists maintained in the Auria database.
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