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End User Reporting
Many systems rely upon external reporting engines to provide end-user reporting. Auria has an inbuilt report writer that competes very favourably with mainstream report writers. It is simple to use, has access to the entire Auria database and allows you to create reports that can be fully integrated into the menu system. Reports can be exported into a variety of formats and we now have a data analysis engine built in that provides dynamic heirarchical views of your data in a matter of seconds.
» Fully user customisable end user reports
» Link reports to menu system
» Easy to use query designer
» Report language for more advanced reports
» Report explorer
» Linked to database query tool
» Export reports in different formats
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Fully user customisable end user reports
•  Reporting wizards guide you through the selection of database tables, fields and criteria.
•  Easy to use report designer with a complete inbuilt programming language for more technical users.
•  Reports can be parameterised so that results can be limited to a specific area of interest.
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Link reports to menu systems
•  Reports can be created for a specific group of users and access can be restricted where necessary.
•  There are no limits as to where the reports can be located - place them where users will easily locate them.
•  If a report is removed, the menus are automatically updated to reflect this.
•  End users can be barred from accessing the report designer.
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Easy to use query designer
•  The built in query designer is intuitive and easy to use, providing prompts to simplify the process of generating a database enquiry.
•  Use of the query designer is optional. The more advanced user can create SQL queries quickly and easily.
•  Queries recorded in our database interrogator can be used as the basis of reports, so more advanced users can develop queries that can be re-used by less technical users.
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Advanced Reports
•  Users with programming experience will find it easy to create advanced reports using the inbuilt report programming language.
•  Users familiar with BASIC and Pascal will be very familiar with the report language.
•  The report language is fully event-driven and provides a high degree of control over user defined variables, positioning of fields and pagination.
•  Most reports can be created without the need to use the reporting language, but it is there for when you need it.
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Report Explorer
•  Reports are stored in a heirarchical tree structure.
•  The appearance of reports in the menu system can be independent from their positioning in the explorer.
•  The administrator can manage reports and their availability by moving them within the report tree.
•  Use whatever folder structure you require to ensure that your reports are easy to locate and manage.
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Linked to database query tool
•  We provide a database interrogator that allows more advanced users to generate data selection criteria as the basis for less technical users.
•  Large database enquiries can be optimised using the query tool and then reported on efficiently using the report writer.
•  A central repository of database enquiries can be generated from which multiple reports can then be created.
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Export in different formats
•  Reports can be previewed or saved in an encoded format for subsequent retrieval.
•  Easily share information with applications that understand HTML, PDF, Excel and other common file formats.
•  The report writer can integrate with your email or fax client so reports can easily be faxed or emailed to customers.
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