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Contact Management
CRM is a buzzword that means many things to different people. Auria CRM allows you to view interactions with your customers in a single location and enables you to track, monitor and react efficiently. Remember, it is use of knowledge that gives true power, and Auria allows you to make use of your pool of knowledge in ways that traditional systems simply cannot manage.
» Full trading histories
» Accounts and credit histories
» Free-form notes
» Reminders, activity management, time recording
» Multiple address and contact details per customer
» Quotes and quote histories
» Correspondence (letters and emails)
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Full trading histories
•  Every order, invoice, return, credit, refund, write-off, bounced cheque, charged back credit card transaction or other type of account activity is recorded in a historical journal.
View full trading histories while simultaneously processing sales orders.

Trading History size limited only by available storage.

•  Each history element has drill down availability to the source document.
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Accounts and credit histories
•  The integrated ledgers summarise and log all financial transactions between you and your customer.
•  Credit control history, turnover and aged balances are all available instantly and are updated in real-time as orders progress through the Auria system.
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Free-form notes
•  You can enter any amount of free-text note information against the customer account. This allows the operators freedom to record additional useful information that cannot easily be categorised but is none-the-less important to your trading relationships.
•  Free text notes also have spell check capability.
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Activity management
Tasks can be assigned to operators against customers or contacts in the customer organisation.

Delegate, re-assign, escalate and track tasks to ensure that they are carried out in a timely fashion.

•  Multiple tasks can be assigned and tracked over any period of time.
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Multiple address and contacts
•  Deliveries can be made to alternative locations.
•  Family members or associated contacts can be attached to customers.
•  Addresses can be flagged as mailing or non-mailing.
•  A representative can be assigned to a single customer, or to a specific location if a customer is based at a number of addresses.
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Quotes and quote histories
•  Quotes can be created and sent to clients by fax, email or post.
•  A complete quote history, including won, lost, pending etc can be maintained.
•  Quotes can quickly and easily be converted into sales orders.
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Correspondence (letters and emails)
•  Using Auria Workplace, you can track all email communications, company-wide, against your customers. You can also create personal contact lists, schedules and have a complete planner system available.
•  Letter templates can be built in Auria so that standard correspondence can be generated and recorded against your customer records.
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