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Catalogue Sales
Auria allows you to define multiple catalogues which either refer to printed catalogues or are published directly to the web. A printed catalogue definition can be made available on the web in a matter of seconds. Catalogue pricing can be based on your central price lists (higher or lower in percentage terms) or can be specific values that are maintained independently from your central price list. Catalogues can be maintained in multiple countries and attached to one or more company classifications, so that sales can be limited to one or more groups of customer.
» Create printed catalogue definitions
» Web-based catalogue creation
» Custom pricing
» Country specific catalogue definition
» Attach catalogues to marketing codes
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Create printed catalogue definitions
•  Create catalogues within Auria to match printed versions, allowing you to track effectiveness of specific catalogues.
•  Publish your printed catalogues directly to the web.
•  Specify special pricing on a catalogue by catalogue basis.
•  Track sales of product by individual catalogue.
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Web-based catalogue creation
•  Create catalogues specifically for your web site.
•  Take an existing printed catalogue definition and publish it straight to the web.
•  Analyse your web sales in the same way as normal catalogue sales.
•  Create web specific pricing for your products.
•  Create multi-currency web catalogues and make them available to one or more countries.
•  Restrict availability of web catalogues to customers who have a web account and fall into a certain customer category.
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Custom Pricing
•  Each catalogue can make use of your standard product prices, or you can specify fixed or discounted prices easily.
•  Specify unique pricing based on a particular customer classification.
•  Multi-currency price lists can be created and assigned to specific countries.
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Country specific catalogue definition
•  Catalogues can be attached to one or more countries.
•  Each catalogue can be operated in more than one currency.
•  Customers only see catalogues that pertain to their country.
•  Prices can be based on a variable or fixed currency conversion.
•  Standard prices can be discounted before currency conversions are applied to allow for varying country price expectations.
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Attach catalogues to marketing codes
•  Auria allows you to attach marketing codes to each catalogue for efficient tracking of marketing and sales development
•  Special offer and free products can be attached to catalogues to enhance customer experience and loyalty.”

Sales operatives can gather marketing codes and catalogue data when capturing orders for easy monitoring of campaign and catalogue sales success.

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