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Activity Management
The ability to manage and streamline activities in your organisation is vital to ensure that you are providing your customers with the best possible service. Co-ordinating activities and tracking what each individual's responsibilities are can be a daunting task. Auria's activity management provides you with a central resource for tracking activities that are either internal to your organisation or related to customer service. These facilities are an integral part of the system and provide all of the features required to quickly and efficiently organise and plan your time.
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Action Management
•  Create actions and attach them to customer or supplier records and specific contacts in the organisation.
•  Import customer details from external sources and use these to create call lists.
•  Manage call activity, including objectives, results, call durations and follow-ups.
•  Create actions and delegate them to other individuals. Rules can be specified that control this.
•  Track an activity through the different phases of completion.
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Client management
•  Create reminders to carry out specific tasks.
•  Track complaints and escalate to different levels if they remain unresolved.
•  Link activities to the sales process so that users are prompted to manage activities such as quotes and follow-ups.
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Task Management
•  Create user-specific task lists that are viewable by other staff members.
•  Tasks can be associated with a company and individual.
•  Track performance of staff members by recording due dates together with expected and actual completion dates.
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•  Your staff are given automatic prompting to carry out an action.
•  Reminders can be acknowledged or re-scheduled.
•  Actions can be viewed and carried out to completion from reminder form.
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Call list management
•  Generate multiple call lists that can be assigned to sales staff.
•  Call lists can be moved from one member of staff to another. Completed actions remain with the person that carried out the work, incomplete actions move to the individual picking up the call list.
•  Filter activity lists by specific call lists.
•  Have certain events in the database automatically assign customers to call lists for marketing or customer service follow-ups.
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